Interstate Pet Transport is helping pet owners with dog and cat transport services.

We strive to have your pet′s move be as safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible.

We pay particular attention to details such as travel plans, weather, aircraft type, and other factors that may affect your pet's ability to travel in comfort and safety.

Whether you're moving dogs, cats, or another furry family member, we are here to help!

High Standards of Service

At Interstate Pet Transport, we pride ourselves in providing your pet a first class experience while travelling with us. This includes, but is not limited too:

  All crates including bedding and water bowls are cleaned and steralised after each use

  Veterinary grade bedding is used in all crates at all times

  Only airline approved crates are used for your pets safety

  We pride ourselves on providing efficient service

  Transporting a pet is stressful on you as well as your pet - therefore we provide regular communication so you know how your pet is travelling

  When overnight stays or flight transfers are required as part of your pets transport, comfort stays are arranged.

Speciality Areas

Interstate Pet Transport have experience in:

We are an approved pet transport company with:

Qantas Freight
Virgin Freight

Booking Process

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Booking Made

Invoice Payment Confirmation

During this process we will contact you to make the appropriate arrangements suitable to both sender and receiver.